Our Fiber Males

Huacaya Boys on the spring pasture.BlackWater Treasures herd of Alpaca Fiber males is very colorful. Each boy has his own unique personality. We are constantly amazed at the intelligence of these beautiful creatures.

Alpacas are fiber-producing members of the camel family raised mainly for their wool. They originate in South America mostly from Peru, Chili and Bolivia. Alpacas have been domesticated for several thousand years. Their fiber is strong, resilient and soooo very soft. It contains no lanolin and is considered to be hypo-allergenic. Their fleece is highly sought after by handspinners, knitters and weavers because of the silky feel and variety of natural colors. Alpacas come in 22 unique colors ranging from pure white to various shades of brown and several shades of gray to true black. Alpacas have fiber in two different varieties – Huacaya (pronounced wa-ki-ya) that is puffy or crimpy and Suri which lies flatter and tends to grow in ringlets.Suri Boys in the snow (they could go in the barn, but noooo)


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