Gourmet Icelandic Lamb Meat

Naturally raised, no hormones, clover finished, pasture grown. The Icelandic breed is famous around the world for its wool, but in Iceland it is bred almost exclusively for meat. These lambs are fed very little grain and the grain that they are fed is 100 % organic. The meat is fine grained and has excellent flavor.

We sell market lambs on the hoof and will deliver to the processing plant listed below. Purchaser will pay processing fee to processor and will pick up processed meat.

Cost is $ 2.00 per pound live weight. Lambs weight between 85 and 120 lbs. Dressing percentage is around 47%.

If you are interested in purchasing a market lamb, please contact us.

Processors addresses and cost:

Alewel’s Country Meats

911 North Simpson Dr.
Junction 13 & 50
Warrensburg, MO 64093

phone: (660) 747-8261 = $55.00
toll free: (800) 353-8553
fax: (660) 747-1857

email: alewels@sprintmail.com


Taking reservations for a limited number of  2014 Market lambs now.

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