Single Row Mini Comb – Combo System

This combo system includes:
2 1-row combs, 1 Brass Diz, 1 Comb Clamp Block, 1 Comb Holder and 1 F-Clamp

Majacraft supplies mini wool combs in either single or double pitch. They are lightweight, strong and and attractively made from selected NZ hardwoods. The combs have stainless steel teeth with polished points. The design ensures they are comfortable in your hands with the comb angle being the most efficient for combing all types of fiber.

These are available either as a matched pair of combs mounted on a holder or as a complete Comb System in a boxed set with a comb block, clamp and diz. This allows you to secure a single comb to a sturdy surface and carry out color blending in conjunction with a diz.

The comb dimensions are: handle length, 160mm (6.5 inches)
point length, 55mm (2 1/4inches)
comb width, 80mm (3.5 inches)

Price: $195.00

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