The Aura

The Aura is here! A new way of looking at double drives and a new way of looking at spinning. This wheel is a collaboration between Majacraft and the very accomplished spinner Pluckyfluff.

Designed from the ground up, the Aura has new style and presence while still retaining the classic Majacraft look. It has two independent drive bands, one for the flyer and a second for the bobbin. The flyer drive has three different ratios and the bobbin drive has two ratios plus infinite adjustment. Being so unique, the Aura requires new thinking about spinning and expressing your creativity. The potential is huge and when you are ready to explore everything that can be achieved in spinning then come and spend time with an Aura.

The flyer is all new and builds on the advances Majacraft has made in the past. It shares the aerodynamic shape of our other flyers for efficient and easy spinning. Most importantly it has a new dual function orifice. Fine yarns can be held still in the delta part of the orifice. This also has the function of holding coil yarns very still so you can observe your work. You can bypass the delta and use the large halo ring for spinning huge. With the new double drive, the Aura can spin anything that can be pulled through this orifice!The new folding handle design has the grip in a new location and special bumpers on the handle to keep the spinning head away from the pedals when you fold it down.

With its sealed roller bearings for the flyer, drive wheel, and cranks, the Aura treadles very smoothly. The highlight, though, is the ability to spin highly textured and bulky yarns and still have them draw smoothly and easily onto the bobbin, a process made easy by the separately driven and separately tensioned drive bands for the flyer and the bobbin. With one very quick adjustment, you can switch to spinning laceweight yarn.

Aura wheel specifications:

WHEEL DIAMETER: 340mm (13.25″)

  • height: 32 inches
  • orofice: approx .88 inch
  • ratios: 4.1:1, 5.4:1, 7.3:1
  • weight: 7.5kg (16.5 lb)
  • Includes 3 large wooden bobbins

Options for the Majacraft Aura include their universal lazy kate and the trundler, the wheels for easy transport. Like the Rose and the Susie, the Aura folds over easily to carry as well.The Aura wheel comes un-assembled; it has a lacquer finish. The wheel itself is made from solid bamboo and the frame from New Zealand rimu.

As with all other Majacraft wheels, it is as compatible as possible with all accessories. The Aura will fit all existing Majacraft flyers. It fits all wood bobbins produced after April 2010. There are three jumbo wooden bobbins included with the Aura.

Including FREE shipping within the continental US.

NOTE: With purchase of this wheel receive one lb. of roving your choice – Alpaca, Alpaca mix, Icelandic, white Merino or Corriedale.

Price: $1,365.00

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