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First of all I would like to tell you a little bit about us. In February 2004 after our girls graduated from school and left home, we purchased 4 Alpaca fiber geldings, it did not take long for them to steal my heart, so that was when I decided that my future was in the fiber business and that was where the adventure began.

Coming from a crafty family, it was easy for me to delve into fibery activities and I quickly learned about fiber quality, processing and cleaning. Then with growing enthusiasm I started taking classes in felting, spinning, knitting and everything that sounded interesting. My oh my, the things you can create with fiber!! In March of 2006 we brought home our first Icelandic sheep and it has been an exciting experience ever since.

During my search for the perfect spinning wheel, I tested a Majacraft Rose and fell instantly in love!! The Rose spun so smoothly, treadled so easy and was so forgiving of my mistakes that I just could not see myself using any other wheel. So in January of 2008, I applied for and was granted a Majacraft Dealership. So now I can offer these wonderful spinning wheels and tools to you.

‘The Pioneer’ just $867.00 including Shipping!!!

Please visit our Majacraft Store to see the wide variety of quality spinning products that we have to offer.

Then take a few minutes to visit our Studio and last please take a tour of our farm to ‘visit’ our fiber critters.

For frequent updates on what we are doing and a peek at new stuff, take a quick trip to our our Facebook page.



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