Our Guard Dogs

Every farm needs a dog, or two right?

On July 26th 2008 we purchased 2 large guard dogs for our flock.

2 cute little female dogs 1/2 Great Pyrenees and 1/2 Sarplaninac (Yugoslav Guard Dog).

Please meet: Tasha, and Tess.

Tasha is white with beautiful black eyes and looks just like her mom the Great Pyrenees.

Tess is the darkest of the three, with a black mask and toe socks. She has the slimmer Sarplaninac body type of her sire and has already shown signs of ‘guarding instinct’.

Our guard dogs have grown into wonderful protective girls, they love their flock and really get upset with me when I divide the flock for breeding.

2011-04-02 Getting scratch by Mom 20090827 - Tasha 20090827 - Tess 20100404 - Tess and Tasha



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