Finishing Tools

OK…the fiber is on the bobbin…what are we going to do with it now???

Majacraft yarn finishing accessories are the answer to this problem. Our very special tensioned LazyKate is the ultimate answer for plying, wheel skeiners will transfer your yarns into a skein and further increase the versatility of your wheel and finally a dophin Niddy Noddy can turn your skein into a hank. Majacraft has everything you need to finish the job!

Jumbo Tensioned LazyKate

The Majacraft universal tensioned LazyKate improves on the original design by now being able to fit any of our bobbin range, from the lace to jumbo bobbins and all sizes in between. The folding feet have a special mechanism so they always maintain their tension and will not touch against the body of the LazyKate. The beautiful Maori design that has been engraved into it sets it apart from the crowd. The Majacraft LazyKate is a real treasure!

Does not include Knotwork design.  If you want the design, please e-mail me for the addition cost.

Price: $169.00

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Original Tensioned LazyKate

The original Majacraft universal tensioned LazyKate has been described as the best available. It has a smaller size than the universal LazyKate and is easier to carry about. If you only wish to ply from our standard and lace size bobbins then this is the LazyKate for you!

Price: $129.50

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Traveling LazyKate

Traveling LazyKateThe Majacraft traveling LazyKate is great if you want to spin on the move. It holds two bobbins and the bobbin bars will slide out so the LazyKate will pack down very small. It is included free with a Little Gem and a limited edition version is included with the Alpaca wheel.

Traveling LazyKate: $53.00
Traveling LazyKate with Alpaca motif: $57.50

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Price: from $53.00

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Standing Skeiner

The Majacraft skeiner is really something special. It is constructed in New Zealand Tawa that has a light color with nice even grain. Three legs make the skeiner very stable. This is important because it can be very irritating to have the skeiner rock about when turning the skeiner arms. The stem and base assembly are held together with barrel nuts so it is very easy to disassemble should you want to pack it down small.

We have also added a bobbin bar to the base with a scotch tension. No other skeiner has this integrated into it’s design. Now you can always get perfectly evenly tensioned yarn in your skein. No more over-running from lack of tension or skeins that are too tight! The arms have polymer bearings pressed into them and then turn on a precision stainless steel shaft. This allows the arms to rotate smoothly without any flopping around on the shaft. We also include a tension washer so you can adjust the tightness of the arms to your exact requirements.

We also include a spacer tube that allows you to use the skeiner arms as a wheel skeiner on your Majacraft wheel. Simply remove the skeiner arms from the stand then slip the spacer and arms on to the spinning wheel and it just works. Easy, efficient, elegant.

For the most feature rich skeiner with a level of quality to match, look no further than the Majacraft skeiner!

Price: $219.50

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Wheel Skeiner

The wheel skeiner is the arm assembly of our freestanding skeiner. It too is constructed in beautiful New Zealand Tawa and beautiful and versatile tool that you will find delightful to use.

As a kit, it comes with a spacer tube and wooden nut to secure the skeiner arms to the flyer spindle of your Majacraft wheel.

Price: $96.00

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High Speed Head

The Majacraft High Speed Head is another of our very unique inventions. We have “geared up” a spinning head so that it is possible to spin at ratios up to 32:1. If you are interested in lace or cotton spinning then this will really help to make the task simpler.

We use a very light tension spring to increase the sensitivity of the brake adjustment which is very important when spinning at high speeds. Also, it will fit straight on to a Suzie or Rose and continues with our principle of making a wheel that is as versatile as possible.

A lace kit is a perfect compliment to the high speed head as the small flyers rotate very freely due to their low rotational inertia.

Price: $235.00

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Tape Measure

These elegant hand-turned tape measures are crafted by Jim Reilly. The are made from a variety of beautiful woods, generally New Zealand native timbers, but also from other desirable species. Each tape has a piece of New Zealand shell or other beautiful material inlaid on the top.

They ensure that your tape measure never gets lost or tangled in your work bag. The tape pulls out from its holder and can be rewound by turning the top.

Each tape is unique in character and design and the tapes are graduated in both metric and imperial scales. If the tape ever needs to be replaced, the cover over the screw on the underside of the tape can be flicked out and the tape measure disassembled.

Price: $43.50

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