Sheep For Sale

Milly, Uma, Ulrich

Moorit Badgerface Ewe with solid moorit ram lamb and moorit badgerface ewe lamb.

BlackWater Treasures proudly presents our outstanding 2014 lambs for sale.

We offer superior polled Icelandic sheep.

We are very pleased with this years lamb crop, they are all so pretty, playful and extremely healthy.

Dalurson has added bone, height and width to our lambs,  along with his milky genetics. Zorro has once again given us lambs with wonderful fleeces and excellent personalities.  Please e-mail for more information.

We offer discounts for multiple animal purchases:

1)  2 ewes and an unrelated ram for $1,200.00

2) 3 ewes and an unrelated ram for $1,400.00

3) 4 ewes and an unrelated ram for $1,550.00

4) 5 ewes and an unrelated ram for $1,700.00

Please E-mail for a list of lambs and adults currently for sale.

Thank you for looking.

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