The Majacraft bobbin range has been created to be both objects of beauty that you will treasure and functionally excellent. The classic plastic bobbins are robust and very versatile. Our new wooden bobbins have lightweight fiberglass cores and hardwood bobbin ends. They have pressed polymer bearings that provide extremely smooth spinning and excellent durability. They are all individually turned so you know you are buying something as unique as you. All bobbins will fit on any of our wheels. This extensive selection caters for all types of fibers, from the finest cotton or silk to hemp and novelty yarns.

The Plastic Bobbin

Nothing is ordinary in the Majacraft range and our plastic bobbins are no exception. They have a large capacity and are very durable. In fact you can even dye and boil them with your yarn still on the bobbin! Majacraft wheels come with at least three plastic bobbins unless we are instructed otherwise.

Price: $20.00

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8 Plastic Bobbin

Majacraft offers an 8 bobbin collection for this great price.

Price: $141.50

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The Wooden Bobbin

Our wooden bobbin offers stylish design and innovative technology for the discerning fiber artist. The Tawa bobbin ends and fiberglass core make for a very distinctive bobbin. Each is individually hand turned by our skilled wood turners and will beautifully compliment your Majacraft spinning wheel.

Price: $51.00

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The Plying/Jumbo Bobbin

Ever had two bobbins of wool that you wanted to ply onto a single bobbin? Well here is the answer. These plying bobbins have an exceptionally large capacity and can be used in conjunction with a plying flyer or wild flyer. Like all our wood bobbins they are made using Tawa and fiberglass so will match your other Majacraft bobbins. They will contain up to two standard bobbins of yarn when plying or will allow you to spin longer yarns when using it with a Wild Flyer.

Price: $54.00

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The Lace Bobbin

To spin very fine lace-weight yarns like never before, you will want a Majacraft lace bobbins. The fiberglass cores make for very light bobbins and will allow you to have extra sensitive brake adjustment. This is essential for lace spinning. By combining this bobbin with our lace flyers you will be able to spin at very high speeds with ease. These bobbins have a “fat” core to reduce the “yarn-to-bobbin angle” and hence the tension on the yarn as you spin.

Price: $50.50

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The Baby Bobbin

Our baby bobbins too have been given a makeover and now use the Tawa and fiberglass combination. The baby bobbins can be used as a plying bobbin for your lace kit or alternatively as a high-volume high-speed bobbin. In a similar fashion to the jumbo plying bobbin, you can fit two lace bobbins of yarn onto a single baby bobbin. The baby bobbins use the same size flyer as for the lace bobbins.

Price: $50.00

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The Stylus

The Stylus bobbins can be purchased individually to go with your Majacraft Stylus. They are crafted using our identical fiber glass and Tawa techniques so will match your other wooden bobbins as well as being very durable. While smaller and shorter than any of our other bobbins, they will hold a huge amount of fibre compared to traditional quill type spinning. They will also fit just fine on our Lazy Kates.

Price: $44.00

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