The Pioneer

The Pioneer has been designed by Majacraft to be a highly affordable spinning wheel – yet they have been careful not to compromise the functionality that Majacraft wheels are renowned for. As with all Majacraft wheels all accessories will fit on the Pioneer. You can add the specialist spinning equipment if you wish to pursue different styles of spinning. The wide range of ratios, a versatile Delta Flyer and easy to use Scotch Tension System will make spinning a dream! The head can be adjusted in a similar way to the Little Gem so you can customize the orifice position to fit your style and body.

The effortless double treadle spinning allows you to spin for long periods of time with no discomfort. The pedal position has been ergonomically designed to fit you comfortably as the spinner! The beautiful cream wash finish is unique to the Pioneer. If you want to start spinning with Majacraft then the Pioneer is the wheel for you!

Some features of the Pioneer are:

  • Double heel and toe treadling
  • Frictionless ball bearings
  • Single hook flyer
  • Maintenance -free drive band
  • Super smooth patented bobbins
  • Lightweight
  • No threading hook required
  • Right or left handed
  • Five ratios available on the whorl
  • Includes 3 bobbins

Majacraft as always, are trying to make craft tools that work great and look fantastic too. So based on this philosophy, they set about changing and improving the aesthetics of the Pioneer.

The base and pedals of the Pioneer are now in solid pine (pinus radiata), similar to the stem. It is a heavier wood than the original plywood so the overall look of the wheel is much more solid. We have changed the finish from a cream wash to a warm honey colored oil which accents the natural luster and grain of the timber.

Includes FREE shipping within continental US.

NOTE: With purchase of this wheel receive 1/2 lb. of roving your choice – Alpaca, Alpaca mix, Icelandic, white Merino or Corriedale

Price: $705.00

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